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we know you've got issues.

dementedxcore is a community for people to vent, discuss, and get support for their problems, such as depression, self injury, anorexia, addiction, etc. (look at our Interests for more). Many of us live with these sorts of issues every day and sometimes we need a place where we can feel free to express them freely.

This community is not about PRO or ANTI anything. It's about LIFE. We all have different problems in our lives and we are all at different levels of coping with them. Some of us are in recovery and simply need a little encouragement to stay that way. Some of us know we want to get better someday, but we are not ready for that yet. Some of us don't ever see a day when we could start to or even want to recover. And some of us are just beginning to understand who we are.

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[x] Respect all members. This one's kind of obvious. Treat others with respect. No picking fights, no name calling.

[x] Please keep your entries on topic. Although you can post about almost anything going on in your life, please do not post irrelevant quiz results, requests to chat on IM, etc.

[x] Use the LJ-cut for pictures and long entries.

[x] For triggering material: Post behind a cut with a warning. Triggering posts include photos, stories, poems, or other entries which discuss things like self injury, bulimia, or drug use explicitly.

[x] Tell us about yourself. After you join, please post some kind of introduction telling us about yourself. You can stick with just basic info, tell us about your problems, likes/dislikes, or whatever else.

[x] Do NOT make posts/comments condoning illegal activities. This includes anything that is pro-drug, pro-suicide, pro-violence, etc. YOU WILL BE BANNED.

[x] If you have come here just to argue, LEAVE. While mature and civil debate is welcome, bickering, harassing, or being a "troll" is not.

[x] Community promotion is allowed only if it is ON TOPIC. If you are promoting something, it must relate to the issues discussed here.

[x] Post often. =) Bitch. Vent. Tell us about your day. Show us something interesting. Show us your art. Express yourself. Ask for advice. Tell us about your problem(s). Tell us about how you're coping. Inspire us. Make us empathize. Discuss. Comment. Keep the community ALIVE.

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